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Partners Objectives
  • ACRI-ST, France
  • GIS COOC, represented by Université Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale, France
  • GEOMAR, Germany
  • ARGANS Limited, UK
  • Frontier Economics, UK
  • NATO Undersea Research Centre, Italy
  • University College Cork, Ireland
  • Daithi O'Murchu Marine Research Station, Ireland
  • Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi, Turkey
  • OSS2015 is a FP7 R&D project focused on nowcast, forecast and climatology of the biogeochemical properties of the ocean mixed layer. OSS2015 addresses the fusion of satellite ocean colour data (multispectral radiance of the sea surface) and in situ measurements from autonomous platforms (buoys, drifters, gliders, ...) through assimilation into biogeophysical models.
  • OSS2015 will prototype a data service relevant to marine ecosystems health's assessment based on Chlorophyll, NPP (net primary Production), PSD (Indice of particle size distribution), POC (Particulate Organic Carbon) and PFT (Phytoplankton functional types).

Project InformationContext
  • Contract N°: 282 723
  • Starting Date: 01/11/2011
  • Duration: 36 months
  • EU Contribution: € 2.000.000
  • Estimated total cost: € 3.345.747
  • Data assimilation in numerical ecosystems model is a relatively new area in ocean biology
  • Extensive biological in-situ data sets are becoming available, thanks to the increasing number of bio-floats deployment
  • Decadal scales satellite ocean colour time series are now available
  • Data assimilation in numerical model is now considered a viable approach to ocean properties characterisation
3 research areasImpact on Earth Health knowledge and monitoring

  • Integration of in-situ and satellite data in bio-geochemical and bio-optical models
  • Definition and test production of bio-geochemical information (POC, NPP, PFT, PSD) relevant to Climate Science and Ecosystem Health assessment
  • Prototyping "on-demand" services of data processing, information formatting and delivery
  • New biogeochemistry data & information, new "on-demand" data & information processing
  • Contribution to the development of methodologies for marine ecosystems status assessment (long-term trends and links to the Earth's climate change)
  • Optimisation of in-situ observations network
  • Definition of environmental indicators for hazards monitoring

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White Paper

OSS2015 has been identified by REA as a contributor to writing a white paper on a COPERNICUS coastal service. This white paper is available here.

MyOcean Science Days 2014

OSS2015 was present at the MyOcean Science Days 2014. Posters presented there are available in the Library (section Presentations)

Successful Year 2

The 2nd year of the OSS2015 project was successfully completed. All delivered documents have been accepted. During Year 3, the partners will concentrate on the validation, evaluation and diffusion of the new marine products, as well as on service prototyping.