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DOMMRS presentation

DOMMRS logoThe DOMMRS has been in operation since 1991 originally as part of the Aquaculture and Development Centre (ADC), University College Cork. However in late 2005 it was established as an independent research station with a hatchery and both commercial scale shellfish and finfish farms. Research at the station has included commercial trials, consultancy and co-ordination in EC projects. The facility contains a fully equipped laboratory, both pump ashore and recirculation units, seawater filtration and treatment complex, freshwater and seawater storage silos, workshop and office. The hatchery itself contains conditioning brood stock tanks, larval rearing tanks, settlement tanks, nursery rearing tanks and two algal rearing rooms. Outside the building there are two systems in operation containing larger tanks (4m2 and 1m2). The station also has access to a workboat to service their offshore farms that total an area of 60 hectares.

Role in the project

Will contribute to new GMES services (prototyping WP25, demonstration WP52) pilot test 2 (WP43), users needs (WP31) and synthesis & outcomes (WP53)

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