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NURC presentation

NURC logoOne of three research and technology organizations in NATO, NURC conducts world class maritime research in support of NATO's operational and transformation requirements. The Centre has the ability to conduct maritime and undersea research from concept formulation to validation at sea with its exceptional combination of expertise and steady rotation of staff from and to the Nations. NURC provides services and outputs for other sponsors through its Customer Work Program (CWP). These activities are undertaken to accelerate implementation of new military capabilities for NATO and the Nations. Over the years NURC has procured and developed equipment and protocols to conduct underwater research, test concepts, perform sea trials and acceptance tests.

Role in the project

Will lead the bio-optical assimilation (WP21) and the pilot test 1 (Ligurian) (WP 4.2). Will contribute to 3.1 (user needs) and 5.3 (Synthesis & outcomes).

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