Ocean Strategic Services beyond 2015

ULCO presentation

ULCO logoPeople involved in OSS2015 belong to the LOG laboratory which is one of the research laboratories of ULCO. LOG (Laboratory of Oceanology and Geosciences) is a highly interdisciplinary laboratory dealing with fundamental and applied research in the oceanology and geosciences of open ocean and coastal areas. The laboratory comprises 100 members among which 55 are permanent. About 80 peer research papers are published each year. LOG is organized into five research teams working on plankton ecology, benthic ecosystems and interface processes, biodiversity and climate, coastal morphodynamics, and physical oceanography, transport and remote sensing.

Role in the project

Leader of WP22 (New marine products), support partner of WP41 (Validation of marine products), WP42 (Pilot Test in site 1), WP43 (Pilot Test in site 2) and WP53 (Outcomes)

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