Ocean Strategic Services beyond 2015

OSS2015 Objectives

Objective 1: Develop and validate new tools for integration and/or assimilation of both EO and in situ data in biogeochemical models

OSS2015 is combining state-of-the-art bio-profiler and Earth Observation data in order to relate remotely detected surface optical properties and chlorophyll to their vertical distribution.

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OSS2015 Concept

The OSS2015 project aims to carry out R&D activities for the development of new and innovative marine biogeochemistry products and services not currently available through MyOcean, the precursor service of theoperational forecast and analysis component of the European Marine Core Service (MCS). The OSS2015 products and services will be derived from a combination of satellite and in-situ data as well as biological and bio-optical models. Uptake and usage of these new capabilities will be promoted among a wide range of users in the scientific, institutional and private sectors.

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OSS2015 Newsletter