Ocean Strategic Services beyond 2015

Access to OSS2015 products

All products which have been developped and generated in the frame of OSS2015 are accessible in the GlobColour Data Portal


Please click here to reach the OSS2015 demonstration products section.

OSS2015 Remote Sensing Products

A concrete outcome of the OSS2015 project is the release of the data set of remote sensing products.

This data set includes:

 a complete reprocessing of the GlobColour L3 mergred products, including VIIRS data for the first time

the new optical and bio-chemical products developped in the frame of OSS2015: Chlorophyll CIA algorithm, Particulate Organic Carbon (surface and column integrated), Particle Size Distribuion, etc.

The data set is available on the Hermes server: http://hermes.acri.fr as of December 8th, 2014.


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